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Our Off-Canvas Menu Plugin

On a recent responsive design project, we wanted an off-canvas menu for narrow viewports. We tried some of the off-canvas menu libraries out there. But, being very particular about design and performance, we ended up writing our own.

Our library, the not-so-creatively-named offCanvasMenu, is a jQuery/Zepto plugin built for flexibility and performance.


Many of the libraries we tried required that we structure our HTML in a certain way. Others were built to be a complete responsive menu solution, having their own opinions about where the breakpoints should be. We found both of these aspects to be too restrictive.

offCanvasMenu doesn’t depend on the structure of your HTML. Just specify which elements to use for the menu and menu trigger, and the plugin takes care of the rest.

It is not a responsive menu. It’s meant to be used as part of the responsive system you’re already using. Your code determines when to turn it on and off. The plugin also exposes methods for opening and closing the menu, if you wish to add support for other gestures, such as swipe.


offCanvasMenu, when used with Modernizr, will use CSS transforms for animation if the browser supports it. Of course, if the browser doesn’t support CSS transforms, it will fall back to using jQuery/Zepto animation.

It also eliminates the 300 ms delay between a tap and the resulting animation by firing on touchstart and mousedown, rather than click.

Update: We’ve changed our thinking on tap-handling within the plugin and have removed the feature. This is best handled on the page level, using a library like FastClick.

Try It Out

You can see the plugin in action as part of a responsive design on its GitHub page. To see more examples or get the plugin, go to the repository page. Please let us know if you have suggestions for improvement or run into any problems.

We hope you find it useful.