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HTML 5 Resources & Discussion

I wanted to include a series of links at the end of my previous post on HTML 5, but I was afraid they would get lost after such a long post. Here they are:

HTML 5 Developer Group in Portland

A new HTML 5 developer group has formed in the Portland area called HTML 5 PDX.

The first meeting was Monday and had a representative from Firefox speaking (Dietrich Ayala) as well as a designer (Bram Pitoyo) who spoke to Safari’s HTML 5 support. Igal Koshevoy posted detailed meeting notes.

HTML 5 Resources and Demos

HTML 5 / XHTML2 Discussion

3 Comments on “HTML 5 Resources & Discussion”

  1. sandbergpdx says:

    404 Error on your link:

    HTML 5 Differences from HTML4
    W3C’s breakdown on what’s new. Like every W3C document, it is detailed.

  2. Jason Grigsby says:

    @sandbergpdx thanks. not sure why the link doesn’t work now. strange. Looks like I found a dev server copy some how. The link has been fixed.

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